Right Action

  • Now is the time for greater self awareness and right action in what we do, whether it be inner work or outer work – be it civic, community based, or personal. Right action is grounded in compassion and non-violence:
    • Right action is grounded in non violence directed towards people – the non theft of another’s freedom, health, time, truth, resources, …
    • Right action is grounded in non-violence directed to the common good, our shared resources – the non theft, non pollution, of our air, water, and land.  Right action is grounded in the proper stewardship of our planet, particularly in preventing human induced climate change.
  • Commitment to right action does not necessarily mean never manifesting physical violence.  As with the Bhagavad Gita, violence can stem from a conscious place or an unconscious place.  Unconscious violence is never legitimate, and conscious violence is only legitimate in specific situations, requiring clear thinking, lack of egoistic motivations, and alignment with the Divine.   Whomever or wherever you are, warfighter or meditator or both or neither, manifest right action now with greater self awareness.
  • Right action is aligned with self-awareness – it is aligned with the Divine that is within us all.  Right action and self-awareness are sources of great joy.  Acting and being grounded in non-violence and compassion towards others (the other) balances the ego and self-focus with an outward focus of the heart and mind.  All the great wise paths lead in this direction and lead to personal and community (a.k.a. the collective conscious or communal conscious) joy.
  • Avoid wrong action – in the long run good will not come of it either on a personal or collective basis.  Some examples of wrong actions to be avoided particularly at the government and leadership level are:
    • Avoid gaslighting, for the theft and destruction of another person’s reality and the ability to freely determine and best choose right action is truly an evil act
    • Avoid schadenfreude, particularly political schadenfreude as it will harm both the personal and collective conscious.  It can destroy a democracy from the inside out.
    • Avoid the evil art of business – the externalization of costs.  When a business externalizes (ignores) a real/true communal/ecological cost so to construct a profitable business venture, it is stealing that which has been externalized.  Stealing the common good by externalization is a form of violence – it is not right action.
    • Avoid gerrymandering – it is a method of stealing of the basic human right of one person, one vote.  Gerrymandering in the USA violates the US Constitution in that it degrades the principle of one person one vote.
    • Avoid trolling, the sowing of discard and strife.  Help others manifest more compassion and less violence.

Avoid manifesting these evils into the world – manifest right action instead.