Theft as Violence

Theft is a form of violence whether the stolen object be possession, health, time, truth, or your free and clear thinking.  Such theft may or may not overtly physical. Dark lying, as opposed to the gray-area of the white lie, is a form of violence – dark lying steals the truth.  And dark lying to the collective conscious, to the human community, is dark lying at scale.  Consider how political dark lying is another form of bamboozlement and not right action.

The political dark lying such as described in the dystopian novel 1984 by George Orwell is bamboozlement at a grand scale, not aligned with greater self awareness or right action individually or on a collective basis.  Be careful of the creation of alternative facts (American) and non-linear warfare (Russian), both forms of gaslighting.

Enable your personal virus checker  and learn to spot fallacious reasoning – and keep your virus checker up-to-date with greater awareness, right action, and practice.